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Press Release: Giant Clams Reef Rehabilitation Project in Taveuni

Press Release: Giant Clams Reef Rehabilitation Project in Taveuni

The Giant Clam Factory is proud to announce its first sale of Giant Clam seedlings to Conservation International for a reef rehabilitation project to be conducted in the Northern Division.
Pearl Farming Secrets: "Objective 33"

Pearl Farming Secrets: "Objective 33"

We farm in the beautiful lagoons of the South Pacific as we drink coconut water on the beach, dance and listen to the sound of the Ukuleles. The pearls magically appear out of the water as we dive them out of the reef where they have been nurtured by pretty fishes and oysters. Or do they ?
The Giant Clam Farming Project

The Giant Clam Farming Project

Regular followers of our Facebook Page will know we have been busy kicking off the Gaint Clam Farm project and populating it with lots of cuddly clam babies. In this post we'll get you fully up to date with what's been going on, where we are, and what's coming next.

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