Press Release: Giant Clams Reef Rehabilitation Project in Taveuni

From the office of: The Giant Clam Factory, Matagi Island

RE: Giant Clams Reef Rehabilitation Project in Taveuni

The Giant Clam Factory is proud to announce its first sale of Giant Clam seedlings to Conservation International for a reef rehabilitation project to be conducted in the Northern Division. The seedlings will be of the Tridacna Derasa species which are known for their hardiness, fast growth and good compatibility with Fiji’s marine environment. The Giant Clam Factory is a commercial shellfish hatchery based in Matagi and Qamea Islands who is now producing Giant Clams from the Squamosa, Derasa and Maxima species for the reef rehabilitation market and export market.

The Giant Clam Factory, Taveuni, Fiji

The Giant Clam Factory hopes that this inaugural sale of seedlings is the first of many great reef rehabilitation projects expected for the future of our country.

Claude Michel Prevost, spokesperson for the Giant Clam Factory says:

”The Giant Clams of Fiji are on the brink of extinction and very hard to find following years of overfishing. We are really proud to do our part in rebuilding stocks for future generations. The Ministry of Fisheries was instrumental in bridging the gap between Conservation International who lead this rebuilding effort and us, the provider of the seedlings.”

Juvenile Giant Clams at The Giant Clam Factory, Taveuni, Fiji

The Giant Clam Factory is now in the process of getting its certification from the Ministry of Environment. Once full compliance will be achieved with the Ministry of Environment, thousands of seedlings will be available for other reef rehabilitation projects. The Giant Clam Factory works in partnership with the Traditional Fishing Right Owners of the Vanua Trust of Laucala by providing to the Trust 10% of all clams produced at the Hatchery for their own development purpose.

Jone Fifita Rakesa, chairman of the Vanua Trust of Laucala says:

“The Giant Clam Factory is a clear example of a private entity working in Partnership with our community to develop our resource while protecting it. They have good knowledge that they are willing to share for the long term benefit of all. We are custodian of this resource and we must, for the sake of our children, develop it while protecting it.”

The Vanua trust of Laucala is the legal body representing the 3 Yavusa, namely Nasovu, Qaraniya'u and Naqelelevu. Representatives of each Yavusa make up the Vanua Laucala Trust. One of the role is to work with any investor that wants to use our qoliqoli and other development purposes. It oversee one of the biggest Qoliqoli areas in Fiji.


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*             Claude Michel Prevost is the spokesperson for the Giant Clam Factory, 935-6168,

*          Semisi Meo is the Marine Program Manager, 9970353

*             Jone Fifita Rakesa, an academic currently a civil servant in Australia -  +61450642815

Juvenile Giant Clams at the Giant Clam Factory, Taveuni, Fiji