Civa Fiji Pearls Ltd is pleased to announce its first export sale of pearls to Aquatec International Ltd, Japan.

Aquatec International Ltd Chairman, Mr Masakazu Nishimura, visited Taveuni last week with his team, completing a tour and inspection of all premises including Civas’ Pearl Farm and Giant Clam Hatchery

Both parties discussed future business and further development of the Fiji pearl industry.

Civa Fiji Pearls representatives will pay a reciprocal visit to Aquatec International in Japan during March 2017 to strengthen ties between the two companies, gain additional aquaculture business insights, and enhance pearl farming technical knowledge.

Civa Fiji Pearls meets Aquatec International, First export to Japan

Aquatec International visiting Taveuni From left to right: Viliame Eriki, Atsushi Koizumi, Masakazu Nhisimura (Chairman, Aquatec International Ltd), Claude Michel Prevost (Director Civa (Fiji) Pearls Ltd), Kali Rabuka (Taveuni District Office)

Civa Fiji Pearls was founded in 2007 and has been producing pearls since 2010.

For further comment contact:

Claude Michel Prevost (Civa Fiji Pearls): 9356168
Kali Rabuka (Taveuni District Office): 8880026

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